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• It is just like having a personal chef cooking healthy, organic, perfectly portioned and nutrient-balanced meals every day, just for you, at a fraction of the cost.

• We take the hassle and preparation out of the equation and deliver organic meals made fresh daily, directly to your door.  It is almost like opening a gift everyday as we pride ourselves on exciting variety and consistent quality.

• Since the R.F.D.D team does the work for you, taking great care of yourself has never been so easy and convenient.

• Imagine not having to make trips to the market, fighting through the crowds, and cooking after a long day?  It takes a lot of time and commitment to eat organic regularly.  Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to avoid paying up-market prices for organic ingredients at most stores, which charge an arm and a leg for such ingredients and products.

Commitment to quality:
• Our head chef is obsessed with ingredients, and with R.F.D.D. you can be assured that almost all of our ingredients are sourced directly from farms and are making their way directly to you.*

• It doesn’t just end at vegetables;  we are also committed to finding the best organic and sustainable fishmongers and meat suppliers.  We also endeavor to help sustain local artisanal, organic farming initiatives.

Nutrition and balance:
• The signature R.F.D.D. three meals per day with two healthy snacks provides optimal nutrient delivery and balance throughout the day, so you avoid hunger pangs and maintain a high level of energy all day long.

• The plan is also adaptable to your busy and changing schedule, and to your likes and dislikes.**

Variety and innovative cuisine:
• We are always meals via innovative recipe looking for new inspiration to bring you an exciting and thoughtful variety of ingredients and design.  You can rest assured that we continue to fully immerse ourselves in the world of fine cuisine, reading about it, traveling to explore new genres and trends, and designing and experimenting with new recipes.